Washing Machine Chicken Plucker
April 27, 2012, 9:03 pm
Filed under: Sustainable living

Started work on the washing machine chicken plucker this week. After doing the last batch by hand I decided to invest in an automatic plucker. Since commercial tub style pluckers cost over $1000 I thought I could make one. I did some research online and got the basic idea of how they work. I figured all I needed was an electric motor, 55 gallon plastic barrel, and some plucking fingers. Well, I scoured craigslist and found a working washing machine which provided the electric motor and plastic drum. I ordered the rubber fingers online and they arrived yesterday. I dismantled they washing machine and got to work. I kept the parts I needed and tossed the rest. I’m almost finished, just need to drill the holes for the fingers and put them in place. I should have it completed this weekend, then test it out on the rooster. In other news, we lost a broiler chick yesterday and another isn’t looking so well. We expected to lose a few but after the first week we’re usually in the clear. I will post more pictures of the plucker when it’s complete.


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Was your Washing Machine plucker successful?

Comment by Peggi

It’s been a process… not a complete success. We have made a few improvements and hope to find out in the next few weeks if it is a total success now. The first use of it was quite a learning process.

Comment by oursustainablecoastguardfamily

Are you able to share your experience, as i am also looking at doing the same thing.

Comment by Kon

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